Ever Elvis

Ever Elvis

A Child Is Born

God was watching oer the earth
One snowy winter morn,
And smiled upon a humble home
I see a child is born.

He said, This child shall know great love
Throughout the coming years,
And yet there also will be times
His eyes will fill with tears.

And as the boy becomes a man,
All doubts shall leave his face,
Because at last hes ready now
To take his destined place.

This child is one who shall stand tall
And great will be his name,
For he has talents, music-wise,
That shall bring wealth and fame.

And crowds shall gather by the score
To hear him play and sing,
To see the loving smile hell wear
Of rock and roll he will be King.

The time shall come while in his prime,
His earthly life shall end;
There shall be tears and aching hearts
That love and prayers will mend.

So love him true and treat him good,
He must not be forlorn;
And many lives shall richer be
Because a child is born.

© 1980 Fay Herridge

Ever Elvis

Ever Elvis

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