Dark Fantasy

Dark Fantasy

The Embrace

(An Essay of Dark Fantasy)

She rose from her bed and left the house, her bare feet moving silently on the dew-kissed grass. Moonlight bathed the garden in a pale, ghostly blue glow, giving it a strangely beautiful appearance. At first glance, the garden seemed to be deserted. She paused momentarily.

Then she saw him — a dark form in the dark shadows. There was a brief glimpse of stark white as he opened his mouth in unspoken command. Only the exhalation of a deep breach issued forth, yet it was enough. She sensed his wishes. A tremor of excitement swept over her.

Her movements were slow and graceful. The simple elegance of her white gown hugged her slender form, enhancing the feminine curves. The expression on her face had a dreamlike quality, and she wore a soft smile of pure contentment.

As she approached, he held out his hands. Her steps quickened until she placed her own hands in his. He drew her close, feeling the warmth she radiated. She sighed and leaned into his strong embrace.

They had both known that she would come, for she could not resist. Her destiny had been sealed from the moment she had sought his company earlier in the evening. Now his silent call had reached her. The strength of her will was no match for his.


When she first saw him, he was standing slightly apart from everyone else, closer to the shadows. There was something about him, although she couldn't quite define it, but she was drawn to him. He was dressed entirely in black. There was an air of deep mystery about him which ignited her curiosity and she couldn't ignore it. Whatever it was, the attraction was instantaneous and very strong. She knew she had to meet him and slowly worked her way through the crowd, towards him.

Close up, he was taller than she had thought. His body appeared to be perfectly proportioned, judging from the fit of his clothing. His face was somewhat pale and his expression one of polite indifference.

He looked at her and she was lost. The breath caught in her throat and she was sure her heart stopped for a moment. She swayed ... and a lean, strong hand steadied her. She was unable to tear her eyes away from his, unable to move. Never before had she seen such penetrating eyes. She felt as if he could see into her very soul and she was held spellbound by the powerful force of his gaze. Then someone called her name and he let her go. She felt a strange sensation of loss. She looked around to see who had called her. When she turned back, the stranger was gone.

No one was able to tell her who he was or where he had come from. In fact, she hadn't been able to learn anything at all about him. Still, she had felt sure that they would meet again.

And now here he was ... making her back garden feel like the most romantic spot in the world...


His hands rested lightly on her waist. Dark fiery eyes held her blue gaze. A soft sigh escaped her lips and gentle arms crept up around his neck. Small hands curved to fit the back of his head as he bent to kiss her. His cool lips touched hers with light, fleeting caresses before taking total possession in a kiss that burned into the very depths of her soul.

As he felt the quivering surrender course through her, a brief hint of a smile curved the corners of his sensuous mouth. She could deny him nothing now. She was completely in his control.

One pale hand glided smoothly up from her slim waist, brushed lightly over her midriff, lingered for a breathtaking moment on the gentle swell of her breast, then resumed its agonizingly slow path to her lovely throat.

The neck of her gown was pushed aside, exposing the creamy warmth beneath. As his lips traced an invisible path to her neck, her quick, shallow breaths brushed his ear, a strangely intimate caress.

She could not see how his lips curled back. She could not see the sharp, longer-than- normal teeth he bared in anticipation of the culmination of their meeting. Nor could she see the stark look of hunger on his face. It was not a pretty sight, but she was blissfully unaware.

One arm circled her waist, holding her tightly, the other supported her shoulders, his hand firmly cradling her head. His fingers laced in her long, golden hair. He kissed her deeply, his tongue working a slow, erotic magic on her senses.

Breaking the kiss, his mouth moved across her skin, teeth nipping playfully at her earlobe, placing tender kisses on her flushed skin. Then, in one swift downward plunge, his teeth penetrated her body. She was irrevocably his.

His mouth captivated her senses, his lips and tongue caressing her flesh even as he satisfied his strange needs. His sensual intrusion was overwhelming, insinuating itself into both her body and her mind. She was no longer a separate entity, but merely an extension of him ... this man whose touch promised --and delivered— such rapture. She was lost in his sweet embrace.

Consumed by feelings and emotions that swept her away on a wave of wild passion, she gave herself up to the feelings. She floated on undulating currents that carried her to unknown heights. His exotic embrace was the last she would ever experience. His kiss, unfortunately, was fatal. But had she known this, it would not have stopped her, for the pleasure she was receiving would have driven all thoughts of danger from her head. Only the present moment was of importance.


The vision behind her lowered eyelids gradually turned to a red mist, filled with constantly changing, moving shapes. As the images began to blur and blend into the red background, he withdrew from her.

He held her gently now, as she went limp in his arms, then eased her down onto the damp grass. The Vampire stood tall and straight, raised his face to the moon, and inhaled deeply of the cool, fresh night air.

Looking down at the unmoving form lying at his feet, he felt a touch of sadness that it couldn't last. But it was not to be. It was not his nature. He licked the last remaining traces of her sweet wine of life from his lips, then disappeared into the darkness once more. Another night, another conquest. Would the next one be as easy? Or as sweet?

© 1990, 2001 Fay Herridge

Dark Fantasy

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