Dark Fantasy

Dark Fantasy

Halloween Encounter

(A Danny Raymond Interlude)

‘Ooh-la-la!’ Sandra murmured. ‘Would you look at what just came through the door!’

Kaitlyn looked. Her breath caught in her throat. Her heart pounded as if it was trying to escape from her chest. Her gaze locked with that of the darkest, most piercing eyes she’d ever seen. ‘Two out of three ain’t bad,’ she said softly.

‘What do you mean?’

‘Well, he’s not dark … in fact, he’s rather pale … but he is definitely tall and handsome.’

Sandra tipped her genie-style headdress to one side, giving her friend a quizzical look. ‘Are you ready to compromise your goals? Give up on finding Mr. Perfect?’

‘He just might be this Cinderella’s Prince Charming,’ Kaitlyn responded. ‘I haven’t found one so far tonight.’

Sandra glanced briefly at the costumes surrounding them. The Annual Halloween Ball was the highlight of the year. She looked again at the stranger. ‘He’s coming this way,’ she breathed. ‘Gorgeous!’

‘Hands off!’ Kaitlyn said quietly. ‘The vampire’s mine!’

‘You could be right,’ Sandra said. ‘He hasn’t taken his eyes off you since he came in.’

As he drew near, a slow inviting smile curved his sensuous mouth. He extended his right hand, a magnificent ruby ring flashing beneath the revolving lights. ‘May I have this dance, Cinderella?’ he asked in a smooth deep voice.

‘Of course, Count Dracula,’ Kaitlyn said, and stepped into his embrace. ‘And my name is Kaitlyn Collins.’

‘My pleasure, Kaitlyn. Danny Raymond.’

He held her firmly as he swept her gracefully around the dance floor. They waltzed and tangoed through the rest of the evening. When the last dance was announced, he waltzed her out onto the patio, and led her down to the garden.

‘What are we doing out here?’ she asked as they stopped beneath the branches of a large oak tree. The stars were out in abundance but the new moon gave no light and the night air was touched with the chill of autumn. She shivered slightly.

One hand gently caressed her cheek, then slid to her nape, fingers twining in her hair. He gazed deep into her hazel eyes. ‘I did not want to chance your slipping away like the real Cinderella.’ His other arm was around her waist, holding her close to him.

‘There is no danger of that,’ she said, smiling softly. Her arms slid easily around him inside the costume’s heavy cloak.

‘That is good.’ He bent towards her, his mouth laying claim to hers. After a breathtaking kiss, his lips blazed a trail to the side of her neck.

Kaitlyn held tightly to him. Breathing deeply in an effort to calm her racing pulse. She felt a brief pinprick of pain in her neck, which was quickly forgotten as his mouth returned to hers, and she felt the most intense sensations. She eagerly accepted the pleasure he offered. Shifting patterns of beautiful soft colours filled her head. The blood sang in her veins. It was an incredible high. Her senses slowly returned to normal when she felt his lips touch her forehead gently.

‘I should not detain you any longer,’ he said quietly. ‘Your friend will be looking for you.’

‘Will I see you again?’ she asked as they turned back towards the club.

‘As you wish.’

‘I’ll give you my address.’

‘There is no need,’ he replied. ‘I am a vampire, sweet Kaitlyn. I will find you.’

‘But …’ She turned, and stopped for he was gone, swallowed up by the darkness.

‘Kaitlyn! Where have … there’s blood on your neck, probably a flybite. Don’t get it on the costume. What on earth have you been up to?’

‘Nothng, Sandra.’ Kaitlyn wiped her neck with a tissue. ‘Guess I ran into the clasp on Danny’s cape. Are you ready to go, Sandra?’

‘Yeah? So?’ Sandra’s eyebrows drew together in question. ‘Are you going to tell me about him? Is he everything you thought?’

‘More … much, much more. I never knew a kiss could be so exciting until tonight,’ she said dreamily, ‘but I’ll tell you all about it later.’ She sensed that Danny was different somehow, special in some way, and she was in no hurry to share him with anyone … not even her closest friend. And she didn’t even know his last name! ‘Come on, let’s go.’

Could it be? Kaitlyn wondered silently. Were there really such things as vampires? No, she told herself sternly, it’s all fantasy, which is what this entire evening had turned out to be. Vampires, indeed! One thing was certain though, whether she saw Danny Raymond again or not, whoever he was, she would never forget this Halloween Ball.

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Dark Fantasy

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