Early Morning Hustle

In the early morning hustle
As the city comes to life,
In a dingy alley
Somebody finds a knife;
The handle has been painted,
The steel blade has been tainted,
And it looks like something bad
Went down last night.

In the mid-day city bustle
As people hurry in the rain,
In a sleazy motel
Blood runs slowly down a drain;
Callous hands are tightening,
The knuckle joints are whitening,
Trying hard to wash away
The ugly stain.

In the evening rush hour
As the sun is going down,
Someone finds a body
By a lake outside of town;
A victim was outwitted
And a cruel act was committed,
But no clues were left behind
There on the ground.

In the early morning hustle
As the city comes alive,
Focus on the daily grind
Of busy city life;
While some to offices are bound,
Someone’s leaving on a Greyhound,
And in the alley someone finds
Another knife…

© 2014 Fay Herridge

Dreams & Visions

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