Beauty and the Beast

Once Upon A Time...

Once upon a time,
far below the streets of New York City,
there was a secret world.
It consisted of many levels of chambers,
passageways, caverns and tunnels.
The people living there were good, honest people
who rejected and hid from the civilized world above
which was being corrupted by so much evil.


Into this world one night was brought a strange boy-child,
an infant who had been abandoned and left to die.
Nurtured and loved by all, he grew into a very unique
and special individual -- half human - half animal.
Possessed of superhuman strength and abilities,
he became the self-appointed protector
of the world Below -- his world.

Such was the love surrounding him
that he was at peace within himself,
accepting even that which he did not understand --
his very existence!
And he developed a deep appreciation for classic culture
and found beauty everywhere around him.
Natural curiosity prompted him to explore the world Above,
always under cover of night's soft darkness.
He learned to appreciate it's finer qualities
but knew that he could never be a part of it.


And then one night, he found Above, a beautiful woman
who had been brutally attacked and left to die alone.
Against all the rules, he carried her Below
to his world of shadows,
where he cared for her until she was whole again.
And as he cared for her, a bond formed between them,
strong and powerful, uniting hearts and souls
for eternity and beyond.
But because they lived in separate worlds,
they thought they could never be together.
And yet, their love was so strong and powerful,
that they knew they'd never really be apart.

Once upon a time, through the magic of television,
the entire world was allowed to venture into a strange,
shadowy underground realm.
The glorious man-beast who lived there became a Prince,
a ruler of many hearts,
and his Kingdom reached around the world and back.
His gentle presence touched and captured their very souls.
So great was their love for him that he will live forever in
their hearts and memories -- this Prince of Hearts,
this man-beast known only as Vincent


Beauty and the Beast (1987)

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